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Parking space will be allocated for most of the Units. If you are a new owner or a tenant, the relevant parking information will be provided by your agent, previous owner or landlord. Otherwise, you will need to contact the Caretaker’s office during the business hours to get the relevant info

Unit number doesn’t necessarily mean that car park belongs to the unit with that no. For example, Car Park No #100 doesn’t mean it belong to unit A100). Any assuming and guessing will result in your vehicles get towed.

Visitors need to purchase permits each time of entry of a vehicle, a parking permit gives you the right to bring your vehicle into the Cathedral Place (CP) unless you hold a valid pre-paid monthly pass purchased from the CP Caretaker.

Only employee/owner of a Cathedral Village Commercial lot can Pre-Purchase the monthly ticket. CP Body Corporate will direct each business allocate to each individual car spaces. The Pre-Purchased ticket will only be valid for the registered vehicle and allotted time period. It cannot be transferred for other vehicles to use. The Pre-Purchased ticket needs to be displayed onto the front screen of the vehicle.

The short term parking fees are

Mon – Fri 6am – 5pm (Daily Rate) – PAY ON EXIT

  • Up to 15 Mins – Free
  • Up to 30 Mins – $2.00
  • Up to 60 Mins – $3.00
  • Up to 90 Mins – $4.00
  • Up to 2 Hours – $6.00
  • Up to 3 Hours – $12.00
  • Up to 4 Hours – $20.00
  • Over 4 Hours – $25.00

Mon – Fri 5pm – 6am (Overnight Rate) – PAY ON EXIT

  • Fixed Rate – $5.00

Sat & Sun 6am – 5pm (Weekend Daily Rate) — PAY ON EXIT

  • Fixed Rate – $10.00

Sat & Sun 5pm – 6am (Weekend Overnight Rate) – – PAY ON EXIT

  • Fixed Rate – $5.00

The parking ticket needs to be displayed onto the front screen of the vehicles during the parking period.

You park in the CP car park is at your own risk. We will not be accountable for: (a) the safe custody of any vehicle in this car park; or(b) the delivery of your vehicle to any person, whether that person has authority to take it or not; or(c) any theft loss or damage whatsoever to any vehicle or its accessories or contents; or (d) any damage to your property, injury to you or your death while you, your vehicle or your property person is in this car park or while you are entering or leaving this car park.

You release and indemnify us from any claim against us or expense incurred by us arising from your use of the car park or from us removing your vehicle from it.

You must pay before you exit. You must produce either your parking ticket or proof of having paid your parking fee. You must park your vehicle within the limits as defined by lines painted on the surface of the parking area, and comply with all signs erected in the car park. You must comply with any directions or instructions we give you. You must not park your vehicle so as to cause obstruction. If you breach any of these requirements, the infringement notices will be issued and is enforceable under CP Body Corporate, this may result in your vehicles to be towed away.

These Terms and Conditions shall not be varied except in writing by CP Body Corporate. Nothing said or done by any of our employees is be capable of varying these Terms and Conditions