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Do not deposit or throw on the Common Property an rubbish, dirt, dust or other material likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of any person using the Common Property.

The waste bin is only for everyday household waste only.

Ensure use the bags for all the rubbish and double-tie them to prevent spillage, it must not be larger than the notice on the bin chute

Do not place any industrial waste directly through garbage disposal.

Do not place any chemical waste, liquid, glass, electronics, boxes etc directly through garbage disposal.

For those large items, they needs to be take down to the bin room to avoid block the bin chutes.. The bin room located in Level B1 for D, E, F, G, H Blocks and Level B2 for A, B, C Blocks. Any furniture, electronics or any other large items needs to be taken down and placed neatly in H or A block bin rooms.

Ensure placing the papers, glass, cardboard, carton, plastics, cans, tins recycled rubbish into the yellow top bins located in the bin rooms.