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The opening hours of pool, spa area is from open 6am – 10pm each day. It’s prohibited to enter the area or using the facilities outside the opening hour.

Only Residents can use the Pools and Spa Service.

Please pay attention that the Children under the age of 13 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult resident at all times.

Any types of Glass and Porcelain and similar materials are not allowed to be taken inside the pool area.

No throwing rocks or pebbles or any other substance into the pool.

It’s not allowed to bring anything outside the pool area to be inside.

Noise levels must be kept a minimum out of courtesy to other residents.

Food and drinks are prohibited in the spa.

Parties and large group of gathering is not allowed within Cathedral Place Pool, Spa Facilities.

No rough play, splashing, running or diving. It’s prohibited for any behaviors which are likely to affect the enjoyment of the Pool, Spa by any other residents.

Please place all rubbish including cigarette ashes and remains into the bin.

Littering is an offence.

It’s not allowed to adjust or interfere with the operation of any Pool, Spa equipment without proper authority.

The person who enter to and use the spa, pool facilities is taken to be accept these By-Laws and is at their own risk areas.


Who can use the pool or spa facilities?

The pool facilities are for “residents” only. Residents are owners who reside at Cathedra Place and tenants who reside at the complex and have current lease agreements by which they are bound. All others may be asked to leave the area if they are found to be using these facilities, and if they do not leave could be charged with trespassing.

What rules apply to this area?

Noise must be kept to a minimum while using either the pool, spa or the BBQ areas to ensure the peaceful enjoyment of all residents. No loud music devices of any type can be used in the pool area or in the inner section of Cathedral Place.

Can I consume drinks while in the pool or spa?

No food or drinks of any kind can be consumed in either the pool or the spa. Also, no glass containers can be brought inside the fenced pool area. This includes glass bottles of any type.

When can I use the pool, spa or BBQ facilities?

The hours of use are restricted to 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. The gates are locked outside of these hours and entry is strictly prohibited when the gates are locked.

What activities are prohibited in the pool area?

There is to be no running, jumping, diving or splashing of others is allowed. Please respect the rights of all residents to be able to enjoy the pool area at the same time as you.

Can children use the pool/spa facilities?

Yes, but children under 13 must be supervised by an adult at all times. All children must also abide by the rules including noise restrictions and activities not permitted.