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The opening hours of BBQ service is from open 6am – 10pm each day. It’s prohibited to enter the area or using the facilities outside the opening hour.

Only Residents can use the BBQ Service.

It’s prohibited for any behaviors which are likely to affect the enjoyment of the BBQ by any other residents.

It’s not allowed to adjust or interfere with the operation of BBQ equipment without proper authority.

Parties and large group of gathering is not allowed within BBQ Facilities. Keep the noise down to the minimal level.

The person who enters to and uses the BBQ facilities is taken to be accept these By-Laws and is at their own risk areas.

Ensure use the recycle bins and receptacles provided by the body corporate for all the rubbishes. If the bins are too full, please contact Caretaker’s office for help.

30 minutes time slot applies for using BBQ.

Ensure you leave the BBQ facilities clean and the surrounding area is left tidy (no food or wrappings to be left lying around).


What restrictions are there re the use of the BBQ facilities?

The BBQ facilities, like the pool and spa are for residents only. Please be aware that while these facilities are free for residents, they are for all residents. Therefore, once you are finished using the BBQ, please ensure that it is cleaned and then move away so that others may use it.

What rules apply to the use of the BBQ?

The BBQs must be cleaned thoroughly after use, and the areas surrounding the BBQ should be made available to other residents once your cooking is completed.

All glass is prohibited is the BBQ areas, and this includes glass bottles of any type as well as drinking glasses.