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If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to make contact with the Caretaker’s Office. It opens between Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

It makes you arrange the date and time effectively. (Please contact Caretaker’s Office at your earliest convenience as Date & Time is contingent to availability due to limitation of parking options.


To ensure your parking space is available, you need to ring Caretaker on 07 3252 5126, 30 minutes before your arrival.

Please contact Caretaker again when you arrive. Caretaker will guide you with parking and advise the easiest way to move your belongings.


There are ONLY 2 parking spaces can be provided by Caretaker for the moving vehicles. No parking is permitted for truck, ute, van 4×4 or trailer to park in the main driveway at all time.

  • The space of H Block Bin Room Loading Bay is suitable for D,E.F, G & H Move In/Outs. However it’s NOT available from Mon-Fri between 8am-12.30pm as it has been reserved for Brisbane City Council Refuse Trucks during these time)
  • Loading bay space will be used for A,B & C Move In/Out. But it’s strictly contingent to the availability. It locates beside the Caretaker’s Office


Please aware that Cathedral Place Body Corporate has strict policies on those entering vehicles. Any unsuitable vehicles entering the premises will be denied by the Caretaker.

  • Pantech truck which are NOT higher than 3.6.m are Recommended. (Loading bays has a height restrictions of 3.8m)
  • Container trucks are NOT permitted in the promises.
  • No Parking is permitted for Utes, Vans and 4×4 to park in designated gray areas in residential car park during the moving process. They will have to contact Caretaker’s office for parking if they don’t use the assigned car space.


  • You will need to unload all your belongings straight from vehicle to unit/unit to vehicle. You can NOT just move them half way and then doing something else.
  • You will need to keep all the Entrance Doorways, Fire Exits or Lifts cleared for any reason. You can’t block them.
  • You can NOT block any corridors, foyers, drive ways or driving lanes of the residential car park.
  • For those tiled or carpeted floors, You can NOT drag stuff along.
  • All the furniture, fridges, washing machines, trolleys can not be moved through the pathway area. All moving MUST be done via the car park area only!
  • Extra attention must be taken not to damage hallway walls, light fittings, lifts and any other Cathedral Place property.
  • You must keep all rubbish in the designated area which provided by the Cathedral Place authority,
  • Particular care needs to be taken to keep the noise to a very minimum level to show your common courtesy to your neighbors.
  • For those furniture or white goods you don’t need any more, you will need to take them to the designated area in H Block bin room.
  • Please observe what recyclable rubbish is. For those carton boxes, you will need to break them and throw them ONLY in yellow top recycling bins.

Move In…

Welcome to Cathedral Place your new home, we trust you will enjoy it.

To assist you, we have prepared below links which containers all the important information you will require. We suggest that you take time to read the information provided. Check out these important links ..



Moved Out…

Cathedral Place Caretaker on behalf of CP Body Corporate would appreciate your corporation


Do I need to inform anyone when I am moving in or out of the complex?

Yes, you should notify the Caretaker to ensure that there is space for any trucks or vehicles that need to be loaded or unloaded. Space is very limited for trucks to park, so this must be booked with the Caretaker in order for you to use such spaces.

When contacting the Caretaker, please provide your unit number, the intended date and time of your move, and the approximate size of the vehicle which will transport your belongings.