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On hearing an Evacuation Alarm or on instruction of emergency control personnel (Caretaker) resident needs to move calmly to the nominated evacuation assembly area and do not leave the evacuation assembly area until all clear and further instructions has been given by the Caretaker.

The official Evacuation Assembly Area of Cathedral Place is directly across from A Block, the foyer in CENTENARY PARK on the Gotha Street. Please refer to the above map.

When hearing the Evacuation Alarm, do not use the lifts to evacuate a building. Do not re-enter the building until informed it’s safe to do so by the Caretaker or the fire Warden.

If a fire alarm sounds, take it seriously. Do not assume it will not be a false alarm and ignore it. The residents also need to become familiar with the building and know the location of emergency exits.


In addition, the Caretaker’s phone needs to be kept clear at all time to co-ordinate the evacuation process.

The residents, who require assistance to evacuate the building in the circumstance of an emergency, please register your details with the Caretaker’s office. For any further enquiries, please email to


The Cathedral Place has activated a number of Fire Alarms in the past several months. As a result, many residents are concerned that they may easily trigger the alarm when cooking. Please rest assured when you activate your unit alarm, it will not trigger an evacuation. However if you open your doors to the lobby and let the smoke out, it will in turn set off the lobby smoke detectors, this will then trigger the main alarm. Therefore, you can open the balcony door rather than the unit door to clear the smell of cooking. Please also do not remove or interfere with the smoke alarm in the lobby as this can also trigger the alarm.