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  1. Who is organizing the process of rectification?
  2. Why must this be done?
  3. What works are actually required?
  4. Why are these defects present?
  5.  Can we take legal action to recoup the costs?
  6. Why don’t we wait until the legal issues are settled before we do the rectification?
  7. Why has it taken so long to get to this point in the process?
  8. When will the work commence and how long will it take?
  9. What impact will this have on residents living on the top floor?
  10. What is the cost to owners for these works?
  11. Are these all the costs related to the top floor?
  12. Who will ensure that the builder does the work to meet the standards required?
  13. Have alternative quotes been sought and recommended?
  14. Who will pay for these rectifications?
  15. Are there any other costs owners will have to pay?
  16. As an owners, how much will the rectifications for the top floor cost me personally?